June 15, 2023

92. Quarterly personal offsites


In this episode of The Universal Man podcast, Grego and Pricey discuss Grego’s personal quarterly offsite process and why it’s so effective.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why quarterly personal checkpoints are highly valuable
  • What the optimal time is for a bit of time away
  • Some simple tools Grego uses for his offsites


“Often we say to ourselves that we will ‘one day’ go away and think about where we’re going from a professional or personal point of view. But ‘one day’ tends not to actually happen.”


Key points in the episode

  • Grego shares the need for a quarterly personal time away to realign and reconnect with personal and professional plans and goals, and reset to make course corrections.
  • He also did annual vision boards before but found them ineffective and didn’t get the traction he wanted.
  • He researched systems and procedures and realised that his process lacked regular check-ins, so he created a quarterly check-in process for himself.
  • He has been doing quarterly check-ins for 13 years, but it can be adapted to one’s preference, whether it’s quarterly, monthly, or weekly.
  • Grego’s process includes finding a spiritual home, getting away from one’s normal routine, and spending two hours to a full day to work on oneself and the business.
  • The process includes a full decompress to dump everything out of his brain that’s been scattered around, a visioning process, a review of goals, and setting intentions for the next quarter.


Stay legendary,

Grego and Pricey