[A group of legends at a Universal Man Weekend]

Millions of men around the country are battling away on their own trying to find the solution to the endless list of challenges in life. This might be on big issues or small things day-to-day. And while we learn all sorts of technical skills to help us professionally, no one ever sat us down to teach us how to reflect and work out how to get in front on life’s tricky situations.

Most often a problem pops up for a fella and he is simply not equipped to deal with it effectively, congruently and in a way that shows his true spirit. Mostly
men are practical, solution-oriented creatures and a little bit of process and skill can make a huge difference – even with spirituality.

Our mission then is to give men real, short, practical lessons that develop them in all parts of their lives across the spiritual, mental, social and physical spectrums. This way they are superbly equipped to deal with life challenges and become great in their own unique way.

What is the Universal Man Podcast?

The U-Man podcast is two Aussie blokes tackling some of the most common issues that men face every day. It’s about you turning yourself into a well-rounded man that is equipped to any of the challenges of the modern world. We have three main pillars to becoming Universal Men;

Know thyself, Grow thyself and Brotherhood.

Who are Grego and Pricey?

Grego and Pricey met 25 years ago at a school in Brisbane. Pricey was a Christian Brother (read monk!) and a teacher on staff and Grego just a whipper-snapper in year 7. While they had a bit to do with each other in the early years their paths diverged.

Grego and Pricey

Grego and Pricey

Pricey continued his journey in serving the people of Brisbane. He became a household name as he led teacher in-service days, leadership retreats and became the trusted spiritual mentor to people from all walks of life. There isn’t a person who comes across Pricey who isn’t drawn to his humility, warmth and care. He is a true monk and courageously accepts his calling. These last few years Pricey has shifted to an executive role with Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania where he coordinates the volunteer network and non-school activities across Australia and SE Asia.

Grego embraced a classic Brisbane upbringing with long hot summers playing cricket and swimming in the sun and short hot winters playing footy with his mates. Over the next 10 years, he travelled to over 50 countries in search of learning, meaning and good times. He ended up tackling some of the world’s hardest ultramarathons across the Gobi and Atacama deserts, lived with the Shaolin Monks is remote China and eventually became an executive coach and high-performance coach for elite sport. He’s written a book called Chief Maker and hosts another podcast for middle managers called The Inner Chief.

Their paths crossed again randomly in 2012 in Victoria and they caught up to discuss the QLD Reds revival (and demise) and life. Every month they met at a little cafe in Richmond (Melbourne) called the Two Monks and soon the mission to help other men was borne.

They started a men’s group called Invicti and for 3 years a group of 7 – 25 men met every month in mighty Ship Room at The Gem Hotel in Collingwood to discuss life’s big challenges over a parmy and a beer.

The Universal Man is their next step in helping good blokes be the best version of themselves. If you like it, let them know by dropping a note with some of the biggest challenges you’ve got.