"My worst hell is that the man I am meets the man I could have been." ~ Anonymous

Universal Man is dedicated to the good blokes of the world that want to be their very best selves. If you want more clarity on how to approach challenging situations and relationships, a plan for the future, be more resilient and have a surround yourself with a quality bunch of blokes then this is for you. 

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The Power of the Negative

Welcome back to 2021. We thought we’d begin the year by recalling one of the most powerful moments of the 2020, when one of our men posed a question. Who and what I don’t want... Read More
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The World Needs You

There has been a whole range of wonderful things written about lessons from 2020. The angle we want to cover today is the need for more of us to do for the community, for our... Read More
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Every human being has this great need for solitude. Every human being’s got this need just to be on our own. You need a time of quiet, of slowness, of space and every human being... Read More
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