"My worst hell is that the man I am meets the man I could have been." ~ Anonymous

Universal Man is dedicated to the good blokes of the world that want to be their very best selves. If you want more clarity on how to approach challenging situations and relationships, a plan for the future, be more resilient and have a surround yourself with a quality bunch of blokes then this is for you. 

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This week we talk about sacrifice. "It's the act of giving up something valued for something that we think is even more deeply valuable." It makes us realise, in the moment, what is most important to us. But it easy to forget and to get wrong. So let's dive deep into Sacrifice. Read More
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Difficult Conversations

There is not one person listening to this podcast that has not come face to face with this important topic – how to engage in those difficult conversations. With partners, family members, good mates or... Read More
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