"My worst hell is that the man I am meets the man I could have been." ~ Anonymous

Universal Man is dedicated to the good blokes of the world that want to be their very best selves. If you want more clarity on how to approach challenging situations and relationships, a plan for the future, be more resilient and have a surround yourself with a quality bunch of blokes then this is for you. 

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What is Gratitude? Gratitude is a way of thinking and being – a way of looking at the world. Some people just live appreciating things around them. They get out of bed in the morning... Read More
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This week we talk about how to journal and find your wisdom without it being a chore Journaling has been used by wise men forever and a day, as a record of history, or a... Read More
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Legends, in this episode we dive into the importance of keeping some fun and joy in your life. Too often we can get dragged into the busy-ness or seriousness of life and forget to find time to enjoy it. Pricey and Grego dive into the topic and talk about some of the pitfalls and a few tricks for getting the balance right.  Read More
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