June 1, 2023

91. Reflective practice

In this episode of The Universal Man podcast, Grego and Pricey discuss the practice of reflection and deep thinking time.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Finding your own method and setting your own rules for timeout
  • Grego and Pricey discuss their own processes and how they are different
  • The wellbeing benefits of reflective practice


“Might be five minutes, might be 10. But it needs to be regular and the amount of time suits you and your pace of life.”


Key points in the episode

  • There is a huge importance of finding one’s own way to practice reflective exercises, which could be anything that suits the individual, such as painting, walking, or yoga.
  • Pricey shares his process, which starts with waking up at 5:20 am and taking 10 deep breaths. He then spends 20 minutes in stillness and empties his mind of distractions, using a sacred word to help him focus.
  • Grego notes that his process is similar, but he practices it at the end of the day.
  • The speakers discuss building a habit of reflective practice, which is not just introspection but a way to tap into one’s own wisdom.
  • They also discuss the importance of doing it at the same time each day and sticking to it.
  • This process can really help to clear the mind, reduce reactivity, and increase awareness.

Stay legendary,
Grego and Pricey