March 19, 2020

52. The Power of Self Talk


Our inner voices reflect and in fact determine our reality.

This week we talk about the power of our inner dialogue and some practical steps you can take to turn them around. 

Remember, self talk can be a major clue as your internal growth blocks. So if you have repetitive patterns that may well be the key to unlocking a better you.

Some practical examples include:

  1. Say it out loud rather inside your head
  2. Write down what you say and ask yourself, “where did this come from? what is its positive purpose?”
  3. Imagine someone else saying that to you. How would you respond?
  4. Ask the voice, “what is your deeper positive intention? What outcome do you want that best for me?
  5. Create your own list of congruent mantras that can replace negative with aspirational self talk

Stay legendary

Pricey and Grego