December 9, 2020

66. Going Solo

There will inevitably be times in your life when personally or professionally – you may have to risk, step out and go it alone in some facet of your life. This is going solo.

There may be any number of deeper reasons for the need to just do something on your own. Grego’s solo travels through middle east was about venturing into far off places and immersing himself in different worlds. Pricey has tried to change various elements of the Church but has realised that it just isn’t going to happen and therefore he had to ‘go solo’ and just do what his heart says HE needs to do – trust self and do what is within my power to do – but it is often a ‘solo’ thing – but still really important and needed

For you it might be:

  • Visiting a sacred place on your own. The resting place of someone you love.
  • Finishing an important piece of work that has your name on it
  • Doing a physical challenge like a marathon and knowing you just need to go on your own and do it without a mate
  • It may not mean leaving everything else behind – it could be a solo time / experience / challenge within the wider / bigger picture of what is happening in your life
  • Travelling or living by yourself.

Why are we ‘called’ by our inner voice to Go Solo?

Going solo stretches you in an area of life that you, and often only you, know you need growth in. There is a power and a strength in the ‘being alone’ feeling. And at times it is important for you to rely on YOUR strength, your inner reserve, trust your wisdom. This build esteem and will flow over into your life when this need has been met.

Often you know there is a contribution only you can make and so you step up and do something. It will often involved a new level of personal risk – and asks you to draw on inner reserves. At best going solo will confirm your core values and your wisdom picked up along the way.

Going solo is nearly always for your own self. It may seem selfish. But it’s not. It’s for your mental health, confidence, beating a fear, ticking a box, getting over a loss.

Are there any pitfalls?

Like all ventures there are classic pitfalls that are easy to miss.

There are times when we actually need wise advice from someone trusted and that might be helpful before going solo. It is also important to be careful what inner voice you are listening to. Don’t get tied in knots on your own as you try and work something out that actually has easy answers.

Going solo isn’t living solo and being cut off from the world. It is also not about serving your ego by achieving things without others. Follow your values and trust the moment.

How to Go Solo

  1. Listen to your gut and draw on your inner courage.
  2. Start with quality reflective time and allow the ‘dream’ of something that you need to / want to ‘go solo’ on to surface
  3. Whatever it is your set out to do…do it. Do it properly. Finish Strong.
  4. Be aware of your own ego – is this the best ‘me’ calling me to this alone solo journey or it is an ego reaction to some other factor?
  5. Being aware of when that need (to go solo) is complete and you now ‘return’ to the team or to the normal way of being when the ‘project’ is complete.
  6. Finish what you need to do before returning.

Final Wisdom

You will know when a ‘going solo’ time is there in your life – stop, listen to it, trust you and you will fly in an area of your life you did not dream about.

Remember, the greatest victories in life are over ourselves and going solo is about effort and courage. The only judge of its value and success is you. Going solo is something deeply personal. It is “between you and you”. And will leave a lifelong achievement in your heart that you can be proud of.

Stay legendary

Pricey & Grego