June 28, 2018

8. Discipline




Discipline is a set of practices based on core beliefs that keep you on the path to being the best you. It is not about being rigid and thoughtless, instead, it is staying true to a habit/cause/routine over a period of time. It means not taking the easy route and giving up at the first sign of trouble or of easy temptations.
Discipline is a ‘choice beyond feelings/easy desires’ to take the more strenuous path. That path is one that you know is challenging, that you know is littered with your weak points and yet you chose it anyway, because you know it is the path to personal greatness.
When consistently maintained over a long period of time can lead to dramatic results and incredible, almost unshakeable self-belief. When you build a discipline in all the key aspects of your life (Spiritual, Mental, Social and Physical) it grows you into a presence and even a raising of your entire mentality to a new level i.e. you see the world in an entirely different way. Small things don’t bother you, petty behaviour is of no interest. Instead, you’re now calm, clear and purposeful in everything you do. Attaining this is not easy and keeping it doesn’t happen without continuous work. Hence, the challenge.
When you incorporate regular discipline or commitment to a particular activity you’ll start to feel like it’s internal drum-beat keeping you centred and focused. That might be rising early for a workout, a walk, meditation. Every time you keep this commitment it’s like your depositing a little money into your bank account of esteem and self-control.
When done right discipline takes you beyond the ordinary but it’s important we always listen to our other signals. Maintaining a practice that sacrifices too many other important parts of your life isn’t discipline, that’s blindness. In truth, the ultimate discipline is being 100% committed to your values and standards.
As you build more discipline into your life the habit develops and it can become a muscle memory. Of course, the hardest part is building that muscle memory. You’ll fall a few times and find it hard to take see that the ‘obstacle is the way’…or you simply won’t have the energy for it. It’s ok. Don’t punish yourself. Just get back on the horse at the first opportunity.


A few practical tools to help you get started and stay on track:

  1. Pick a simple habit/routine that will bring out the best in you and start a practice of doing it every day
  2. Often you’ll find little pains/fears arise in the early stages. Challenge them. Bring energy and courage to the table in barrow loads
  3. Align your new practice with your bigger goals
  4. Sometimes you need to stop all the rubbish and ‘Just do it’
  5. Remember to celebrate if your practice leads to a victory and incorporate into other routines and longer-term goals
  6. If you get stuck add some public accountability by getting your wolfpack involved. E.g. all meet and go for an early morning ride

Discipline puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life and decisions. Instead of little subconscious decisions that change your mind, your rise above all that and take full control of your daily life. It is a powerful and liberating tool that brings superb rewards. Discipline begins with that five second choice for an action aligned with your core beliefs. From that choice will flow life and inner freedom!
Stay legendary
Pricey and Grego