National Basecamp 6th – 8th October, 2023

Spend two uninterrupted days with quality men who want do more and be more in life. Learn the UMAN framework and share story in confidence.

About this event


Universal Man – NATIONAL “BASE CAMP”


Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October, 2023


Maroon Dam, Outdoor Education Centre

Maroon, QLD

(90 mins south west of Brisbane CBD/Airport)


Men aged 21+ who want to be even better men. 

This is a combined event for all men from the country who are either new to Universal Man or returning for their annual personal reset. 


You will spend two uninterrupted day with quality men: 

  • Who want to be more in life
  • Who are willing to share their wisdom & stories with others 

You will: 

  • Review your foundations for personal growth, without this any attempt at excellence fails
  • Spend time building your game plan for life that incorporates your physical, mental, spiritual and relationship performance
  • Learn real practical outcomes, frameworks and skills
  • Learn from other quality men as you share stories and approaches to life’s real problems
  • Have fun along the way

While it sounds intense it’s not really. We’ll come together with other top blokes over a couple of days/nights to learn and apply the UMAN Framework.



The UMAN Camp is about setting up and refining your foundations for being your greatest self. Together we’ll work on our personal visions, values, goals, strategies and key relationships required for us to grow to a new level of thinking and operating. We’ll also look at some of our own blockers that might be holding us back like beliefs, confidence etc.

There are around 5 formal sessions to introduce the framework and then group break outs to discuss the content, share ideas, the framework and build your personal action plans to take back to the real world.

All conversations and sessions are completely confidential. Chatham house rules apply. You don’t need to share anything if you don’t want to. Engage in a way that suits you. 

There’ll also be plenty of spare time, a couple of beers (but not fifty) in the evenings and a few physical challenges (but nothing overly competitive or strenuous).

This isn’t about getting naked, baring your soul etc. You won’t need to have done any sort of personal development before. The sessions are designed to push each of you regardless of your exposure to this kind of event.

In the end this is a bunch of good men, who want to be better men and have other blokes ask good questions, raise the bar and support each other. If that’s you then get along. 



Your camp leaders will be Damien Price & Greg Layton.



$250 / man 


If you’re under the pump…by donation. 

This covers the production of our podcast, expenses and COVID cleaning of the venue. 

(Does not include Food and Drinks) 


Food & Drinks

You will be put into a group and the groups will take turns preparing and cleaning meals. We all pitch in. This is a simple site with no catering or cleaning team. The groups will bring the food in advance for their meals. There will be no time to go to the local town to get it. Bring it with you in advance.

Drinks – BYO. There is limited fridge space. If you want to keep something cold bring an esky and plenty of ice.  



Is a simple school ground facility with shared dorms, enclosed showering facilities, loads of open space etc. We pay a small fee to assist with Covid cleaning the rest is up to us.



How do the groups work?

You will be placed into small group of 4 which will be led by a group leader. You will most likely be in groups with men you mostly don’t know. 

I don’t know anyone, can I still come? 

Definitely. Just contact us on the email provided and tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll put you in the right group.  

How do I know this is this for me?

Firstly this isn’t for everyone. If you are keen to grow, be pushed, listen and seek to understand other men then you’re on the right track. it is laid back. Not political or religious. It is NOT a piss up or a free weekend away. There are workshops and we give loads of time to think and work on your life. If that interests you contact us or someone you know involved.


  • $250 for the two days (or by donation if you're under the pump)
  • Your courage, wisdom and willingness to support other men
  • Your cooking skills (each team has the duty of preparing one of the four meals for the rest of the group